Losing myself

I feel like I’m becoming lost, feel like I am drifting away a little too much.  I’ve done some things I would have preferred now that I didn’t.  I have not been particularly good in that way.

I will be better.  I will hold you closer, and in my heart.

And I will have faith, and hope, and feel your closeness and your love within me, and I hope that you will still feel some of that and know that I will always, always be here for you.

4 thoughts on “Losing myself”

  1. Sometimes we have to get a little lost before we find what we were looking for.

  2. I know I’ve found what I need. Now I need the faith to wait. She came back before, she will come back again. And if she can’t come back this time, she will actually need me more than ever.
    Thank you for your thoughts, I truly appreciate you reading my words.

  3. She knows…she would have to! She is lucky to have you on her side no matter what.

  4. @Vicki, thanks. Sometimes (as when I wrote this) with the lack of contact I need to rediscover all the faith that I have.

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