You make me happy 

You want me to be a better version of myself. 

You love me when I don’t love myself 

You make me smile 

You take chances on me 

Your truthful and vulnerable with me 

You want to be a better man 

You share your sadness with me 

You make me laugh.  

Your impossible (sometimes) 

Your smart

Your a hard worker 

Your handsome 

I trust you 

You care about me 

You love your dog 

You talk crap to your dog 

You try 

You help me 

You are reliable 

You care about my happiness 

You feed me 

You don’t want me to get hurt

You protect me 

You enjoy nature’s beauty

Your family and friends think highly of you 

You can bring light to my eyes even when I’m in my darkest place 

You keep me alive 

 You always get the same thing

You go in the ENTERS and out the EXITS 

the way you play your drums 

Your love for music and how it moves you 

You are genuine 

You care about what kind of man you are 

Your adorable 

You love movies 

Your dimples when you smile

The way you raise your eyebrows 

Your smile itself 

You fear of hurting anyone 

When you scout places/things out for me. 

When you boss me around 

How You like to be prepared 

Your self discipline 

Your stubbornness 

Your patience 

How you comfort me 

Your pure heart 

That You push me 

How You want more for yourself 

When your goofy 

How you let me talk 

How Your honest with me 

The way you keep to yourself 

How you drive 

Listening to you talk. 

Knowing you better 

You want to get through this together 

You give me hope when I feel there is none. 

You’ve always been there for me 

I feel safe in your arms 

I can always talk to you 

You love me even when I’m being horrible. 

You make me a better person 

Your voice 

You won’t give up on me 

You give me butterflies 

Your A true friend 

You don’t change for anyone 

You read my writing 

You try to understand me 

You don’t want to be like them.  

You want to be better with me.  

The way you smell 

Your “Clint Eastwood” eyes 

You use IMDb 

You showed me Charlie and Pauly

You are brutally honest with me 

To be continued… 

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