Is it just me or do I bad taste in men?

Dear Diary,

My dating history has never been…clean cut. Let me explain.

My first boyfriend/friend with benefits was a wannabe satanist (aka someone who thought that being a Satanist actually meant worshipping Satan, by the way it doesn’t. Satanists are just atheists who follow a set of rules and use the idea of Satan as a way of rebelling against Christianity in mainstream culture and society). This ex then ending up sleeping with his cousin because I refused to get back with him. Oh, he was also my housemate at university….I was young and naive back then.

My second ex was my first proper relationship. I was introduced to him through my best friend who met him at an Attack on Titan meet at MCM Comic Con London. This relationship lasted three months. It ended because he cheated on me with an underage trans boy. When I say cheated, I mean he sexually assaulted them in their own bed and lied to me and I found out through their best friend. I kicked him to the kerb and made sure he never contacted the boy, me or my friends ever again. I think my best friend helped with that, she is 6 foot tall and is scary when pissed off.

My most recent guy. I am a weird one because I prefer sexual relationships first before it grows into a relationship. I think the guy thought that I was willing to join his religion because of ‘love’. He was a Mormon/Church of the Latter-day Saints but he had left the church when we first got together. Then he went back and wanted me to go with him. However I was not prepared to leave my faith (or lack of it) behind, my culture and my love for coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Plus, in his religion, people get married very quickly and getting married has never been on the cards for me. Mainly because we were never ‘officially’ together. In my eyes, we were ‘friends with benefits’ with the potential for it to turn into a relationship. 

Do you see? Relationships are not really my thing. Plus I kinda like being single, I can ship who I want, sleep with who I want and I save a lot of money on gifts.

Saying that, I am talking to a guy I met on Bumble (a nicer version of Tinder) but I don’t think it will go anyway. He takes forever to reply and that is one of my biggest pet peeves. Plus he is a childhood friend of a my cousin and that is kinda weird for me.

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