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I have my new work schedule. I have the same as before, same days off. I was thinking that if they were to change it, possibly I would lose my Insurance and all of this what have you. Those thoughts however were to no avail. This is the beginning of the work week as it were and I’ve decided to just relax albeit, for one more day. I did however come across something interesting. It is a time management tool and it is called, the Eisenhower Box. He, lived one of the most productive lives known to man. He was the States 36th President. His accomplishments can be looked up online.

However, the concept is fairly easy. If you’re interested you can look that up. It would take me too long to discuss it here. So, in sorting my thoughts out, I came up with five tasks for the year that I have set out to accomplish. The two that demand the most of my attention are prioritised as most important. Two others are important but, not for the immediate future, and the last one will be done every day going forward.

I now have a clearer picture of what needs to happen, what my focus should be upon, and what the goals are. The rest of this month is about getting everything in order for the next eleven months ahead that God-Willing are in front of me.

Tomorrow, I shall make my afternoon tea appointment for Thursday. This will be the first one of the new year, and I’ve sorted to have twelve of them this year. One a month. My Wife will getting her hair done tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see what it shall look like.



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  1. CBJ66, Thank you for your comment, I’m happy you changed your mind. I hope Eisenhower Box works for you, I hear its very effective. =)

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