Whole Foods, white man & woman laughing about what I go through

Balding, white guy with shaved hair, dark, black, orange and yellow plaid shirt, jeans and bright red tennis shoes.

She’s white and has dark about 4 inches past her shoulders, medium brown hair and a light gray lightweight sweater.

They’re talking about livelihood and all this crap and laughing.

I’m so glad that everyone knows whatever it is that they think they know, but won’t help me and listen to me being tortured with sonic wave weapons for 9 years now, without caring. People have also heard Rachels, etcetera trying to murder me for 9 years. So glad that no one gives a fucking rat’s ass about my wellbeing. I know I’m not the only person in the StL metro area, but come on! Most people just hate me because sometimes (don’t ask me, I’m inside my home being tortured) they hear me and then judge me based on what I say while being tortured and interrogated! WTF? I get “episoded” everywhere. Bus stops, stores, busses, trains, soup alley & other free meal providers (all of them). Food pantries, too and when it’s just audio, I can tell. People will lie about what is going on right in front of me to paint a different picture of reality. That’s called lying, not acting, not entertainment, not “investigative reporting’.

Vince did it to me in my own home, then he went into my kitchen, sat in my chair and said, “Now, that’s what I call entertainment”.

He’s so guilty. He fooled me. I thought he really loved me like he had been saying for months and acting like it. Key word being acting. Damn it. Vince got the make Lisa your girlfriend job! Fuck. He was getting paid the whole time and that’s where the money came from for him to do ICE (crystal methamphetamine, smoking it), cocaine, marijuana, clothes, sunglasses, riding the train, bus, etcetera. Damn, I’m an idiot. I swore I would never fall for that crap again.


Now I’m adding more because I’m eating vegetarian sushi, and that guy was saying how someone was so believable because of getting an attitude!
WTF? That’s called technique. Yelling and being adamant while lying doesn’t make anyone believable. Does this guy have an IQ of -100? How can people be so unaware of what people “acting” and lying looks and sounds like????? They are loud so they can be heard. They KNOW they’re lying, so they try to be louder than me or anyone, plus not give me a chance to ask questions or say anything.

Are some people really this stupid about communication skills, hustlers, con artists a.k.a. “episoders”?

Holy fuck. Stupid people shouldn’t breed for real.

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