Seven Days.

Last Thursday, it was 3:15 in the later part of the afternoon. We were out all day, Dentist appt, having some lunch, dropping our Wedding rings off to be cleaned. I had forgotten my Insurance card and went back home to get it, and when I did, I heard my Mum In Law talking to my Sister In Law about going to her Dr get her shot. This was 8 in the morning. We get home and we’re going upstairs and Mum says to my Wife, are you going to take me to the Dr? My Wife said to ask her Sister because she was going to take her anyway. My Sister In Law gets all bent out of shae and starts in. Later on, there’s a knock on our door. Mum is kicking us out, and two of her three Sisters are standing there accusing my Wife of not doing anything for Mum. I just looked at my Wife as she did me. I can’t tell you how many times Mum has been in our car to go to her Drs appts. I cant tell you how many times that she’s asked for help and we’ve done it for her. Or, the times that we’ve bought sweets and coffee for Mum. We had nowhere to go, we grabbed what we could and slept at a rest area, then put stuff in storage. We put the rest of our atuff in storage and have been sleeping in the car. I cannot begin to say how difficult this is. 

My Wife, was telling me that her legs hurt. We went to the Er clinic. She has blood clots in both of her legs which are directly associated with sleeping in the car. They gave her a prescription, but her insurance won’t cover it. She called her primary. She has an appt tomorrow to be seen. 

We are staying at her Cousins house. He’s the only one who said that he’d help. Not one person in her family has called to ask how we are doing. I’ve never seen a family like this one.

I am never going to talk to any of them ever again for as long as we both shall live. We are moving out of state either 13-14 March. I am going to transfer. We are out of here. I don’t ever want to see any member of the family ever again. 



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