Studying, Autism and Job-hunting News

This week I have been studying a lot. I will have my first exam of the year in a week. I have read and highlighted the important parts of all the texts of Basic Processes I (the subject of the exam). Most of it is about structuralism and conductism, but there is also some info on other psychology schools and, of course, about cognitive functions. I have also been reading some texts for neurosciences for homework and should be starting a very long, (but probably interesting) text about the history of mental health and education. However, I’m going to put that off for today and do my homework for Basic Processes II instead, because I’ll have to hand it in on Thursday.

Aside from studying hard, this week I’ve been talking a lot to my mother about autism. She is the one who begins the conversations, of course, but now I’m happy when she does. It’s becoming something we can talk freely about and we can almost bond over it. Things that used to be a taboo between us are now openly discussed and easily understood. I feel more accepted this way, and I think I can understand her and empathize with her better now that she isn’t afraid to tell me her point of view. We have been discussing the campaign of April 2nd, World Autism Awareness Day. We started following some related organizations on Facebook, so we got plenty of information and pictures about it. Tomorrow I’ll be doing volunteer work to prepare material for a big autism awareness event in my city.

The last piece of news I have is about job-hunting. An old friend of my mother’s who has an autistic daughter (the same woman who invited me to participate in the autism NGO) has a friend who is the principal of a school near home. She learned that the school was looking for a teacher of English as a foreign language, so she told her principal friend about me: a translator who wants to work in education and is studying school psychology. The principal was pleased about the recommendation and, according to my mother’s friend, she is going to call me for an interview soon. Who knows? Maybe I can get a job before this year ends 🙂

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