Pastor Jeremy Foster sermon notes from Mind Monsters

You may look at yourself as a problem, a burden – but God looks at you like a promise, a world conqueror. Sometimes we see things through fear first, a negative prism, before we give faith a chance. 

The tongue has the power of life and death- Your life is a canvas and your words are the paintbrushes. Paint with care. You will either create a masterpiece or a mess. Your words are defining your future. You adapt to the words that you speak into your life. 

You get so wrapped up in what you are thinking and what you are saying that you miss what God is doing!

You can’t reject a negative thought and just leave it out there still lingering. Once you reject it, you need to replace it with the promises of God. And repeat them over and over until that negative thought is completely gone. 

2 things you need to know about calming the storms in your life:

1st – Jesus can calm your storms. God’s word is the source and power that brings calmness to your storm. 

2 Corinthians 10:5

2nd – Bring your storms to Jesus. Don’t let the enemy silence your spirit – If he can mess with your head enough, you won’t even listen or pray to the Lord. You’ll keep speaking negativity and you’ll talk yourself out of something that the Lord is trying to walk you into.  

If the enemy can get you repeating what he’s saying about you, you will talk yourself out of everything that the Lord has promised you!

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