day 293

In the morning we went to play football. Although only seven people came it was still fun. Afterwards I came home, showered and then we had a family lunch for my grandma’s birthday.

I was watching I Am the Night again and one of the characters lives in a big, fancy modern house in LA. As it turns out the actual person actually lived in that exact house in the 40s. The place is called The Sowden House. I am writing about this because I am kind of interested in architecture. And when I say I am interested in it, I mean I like to look at buildings I think look good, not that I might design a house someday or anything like that. I especially like modernist art deco style (anything from 1920s to 1980s – example is the sowden house) and what I call communist style. You know, massive concrete buildings, like the ones built in the communist countries in the 70s. I have heard the term brutalist architecture which I guess is the better term. Modernist architecture is something I often associate with the ”old”, romanticized LA. For some reason I am attracted to it, it makes me feel nostalgic about something I have never experienced. I do not know if I am explaining it very well. Music video for I Dare You by The xx (which is partly filed in the sowden house) for example makes me feel like whatever I was trying to describe. Nostalgic, sentimental, reminiscent of something I never knew or experienced. I sometimes wish I was alive back then. And I am completely aware that life in the mid-20th century was not better than now (at least not for the majority), but I still feel I would fit in better. Also, I want to live in a house like this. Art deco-communist mix. Although I will never be able to afford it, it is a dream of mine.



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