Wed jul 31 pics of neck

6.15 woke noticed panties 1/2 off, nightdress up. Laundry next to bed smashed down. I fluff it before bed so I know if he’s been here. 

Someone heavy was standing on laundry and makes a point to step on every item. 

8.00am heard sounds, he was here and heard me talking to pd. 

Around same time white Chevy with pink Chevy insignia on rear and pink motiff in rear window stopped in front of greens, female came out and drove past me. I couldn’t see inside tinted windows to see whose driving or any passengers. 

8.13 am tan truck with white cap drove past, heavy driver, dark ballcap looking at me as I’m on the porch. I don’t believe it was Ramirez but can’t be certain.I’m upset, my mind isn’t clicking. Probably still high too. Double vision, difficult to see clearly and equilibriums been off for some time now. 

8.20 still hearing slight sounds. Did he pass then come back or has he been here. This is crazy. He’s again trying to make me appear crazy. 

9.28 someone’s still here. I’m on porch and can hear him slowly walking or gently picking at something with a tool. Idk what’s happening. I cleared the upstairs and of course found no one. 

2.30pm took nap woke I pain in feet, ankles and midriff and back. Woke around 4.30 back storm door wide open and unlocked. We don’t use that door much and we’re positive to check it when we do. There’s something in the jam, we use knife. I just asked roomie what happened to knife, he saw the metal part in the jam never thought anything of it until I mentioned it. He didn’t put it in there. Weird. Can green pop it out? We don’t know. 

5.30-6am roomie went downstairs, smoked and came up, the door to basement was opened. 

Garlic oil on basement door knob. I wash it daily. 

Woke feeling very uncomfortable in my body. 

My arches are still hurting, sides of my feet hurt. Whole bottom of feet hurts, feels like he again was working the joints to give rhumatoid arthritis. Wish I could find someone who knows how he’s getting in.

Back hurting. Called pd spoke with Merc. He sent Darrin out. Not a few min. After officer  left 2 gang mobiles passed by. Darrin asked me his name I had to look at his badge, I know who he is I just couldn’t remember at the time. I’m so nervous and I believe from the continuous strangle, even though it’s not very much pressure, is making my mind mushy. 

Room smells like garlic oil. 

My night dress seems more stretched. I didn’t put robe on its hot. Idk how see through it is. I imagine very. How embarrassing to have anyone, especially officer see me,  but it’s not my fault. I just didn’t care to try to go upstairs to get robe. 

Stinkers been spending a lot of time downstairs, he usually likes to stay in his bed. Makes me wonder if greens up there someplace and I just couldn’t find him? In attic, but how? It’s nailed. Though there are screws too and I can explain that, if that is how he’s doing it, he needs some tools to do what I think. 

Insulation on the cats bed. 

The other day new jug of milk I had only a few days, good until aug. 10 was already sour. This has been a frequent thing. He started up again about 3 months ago. When I was getting only 10.00 month in foodstamps, milk was 4.00 a gallon, my milk soured very quickly then too and I had no idea someone could make that happen. Old roomie Ray told me the gang he dealt with did that.

Teeth hurting after my nap. I think he’s going to hurt me bad because I tt police. I just want them to come and show me how to secure my house. 

Cut on finger shows up better today. Can’t seem to get clear photos, still have double vision and Shakey. Seems he strangled me again. So I’m not going to be right in the head until a month or so after he’s gone.
Oiled cotton, cat fur, cat food, insulation and some kitty litter pine pellets under table and chair legs. This showed up in the last 3 days. The legs are dirty, it’s oil. I’m tired of all the time cleaning them.

Little redness on chest area, some faint darkness around neck. Some swelling at mid-neck
I used flash for this one to see if anything else showed. Looks like the older strangles are showing on my chest where it’s darker. Look closely to see the dark bands around my neck.
Gang sign in glue on my shirt. Eyes and mouth.

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