Tues Aug 6

10.47 am white small pickup rusty with red lettering on back went past, man with scraggly beard and hair was driving. This is a gang vehicle I’ve seen green in it as well. 

Woke late. Heard noises per usual. Washed crucifix. Some items in bedroom seemed out of order. 

9ish, girl from house got into one of the odyssey Vans in front of house. Noise seemed to cease. Saw gold van with gold door handles drive past. Couldn’t see driver but I wonder if that’s his girlfriend or woman who lives there he’s been abusing. Seems he’s stalking her. Just my thoughts, unknown. 

Witnessed she and a gang member I spotted earlier have some sort of walkie talkie it wasn’t a phone, there wasn’t light. I saw this last evening as well. I know years ago when green and I had booths at the tttc he was looking for talkies that could be used at a good distance. Harder to track I imagine. 

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