Fri aug 9 eyes, lip pics

8am hearing noises. Hes of course still here. 

9.16 am hes still here. 

1.55 pm officers parked in front of house next to me, and went to house across the street. 3 gang vehicles drove right past. 

2.00pm heavy woman drove blue odyssey past me. There’s a new dent in the passenger side back door. I’m noticing new dents in many of the vehicles they are driving. Unfortunately I cannot recall which ones have new dents. Could be important if they were making a getaway and hit something. Would put the vehicle in the area of crime. 

One vehicle is tan Chevy pickup. Another was a grey car didn’t look hard at the make and 3rd I know I’ve seen before but I’m distracted by the arrest so it was hard to pay attention to that vehicle so 2 for certain I can id as belonging to the gang. 

2.30 either green or Ramirez drove past in tan and white truck. I would say green as he had grin on his face. 

3am woke to massive headache, back ache and my entire back. Went back to bed, slept in until 8. Woke with intense pain in neck, bottom of back feels kicked, my hips feel like they were displaced. Even my buttocks hurt. 

I may have been assaulted. My rear a little tender and tmi-waste is larger than normal. 

Midriff still hurting from yesterday. I think hes beating me with a book, the spines on my bibles are messed up. Especially hard cover bible that is in my bookcase I never use, the spines messed up and it was in perfect condition. It would explain black lines on my face in other pics when I was in the shelter. May explain the swelling too.

I think I have a minor concussion today. I’m so thirsty I’ve been drinking lots of water as well. Did he give me drug to give me diabetes? He did that to Marcia, I can’t prove it. Jan too. He told me he did it to jan! All circumstantial. Sigh. 

My breasts are painful. Feels like my nipples were pulled or bit, even twisted. Idk. Hes a coward, he hides behind drugs to abuse people who he deems are weaker than himself. 

Garlic oil on my lighter. 

Oil in my hair.

Little garlic on my crucifix.

Vision compromised. 

I noticed the fat glob around my right eye getting larger but it’s hard to tell with the swelling around eyes. It was almost cleared up after my stay in the shelter. 

I heard some sounds last night but couldn’t tell where in the house they were coming from. Many nights I hear him around but if i don’t know where how can I find him. When he was getting in kitchen window I didn’t even know. There’s damage to the windows and frame but how would I know?

Roomie stayed in hotel the last 2 nights so he could get rest. I encouraged it, the drugs greens administering to us are really getting to him. So green had time and could make all the noise he wanted, no one would hear a thing. 

My bras on the edge of my bed were twisted and stretched again, some cups folded so he can stretch them somehow and they won’t fit right. Many straps are useless. 

Last night I noticed instructions for a recorder were standing upright on my keyboard. I think he wants me to make another recording. 

The Hispanic man I spoke with yesterday has darker skin, I thought him to be black from my perspective on the porch and did believe him to be one of greens nephews. He is not. Though I do believe hes a mule. 

I think hes angry I don’t talk to him when hes in the house, I told him he needs to talk to me. 

Sharon secretary of my catholic parish in my town may be a victim. She’s always finding nails in her car tires, and has been suffering migraines. I remember green asked me several x if I had migraines and I did not though I did have intense pain in my head. I knew it wasn’t a migraine! I believe Sharon’s migraines may be from concussions, or at least being hit in the head. My sister suffered them as well. She was #6 according to green. Green and his gang do target churches. Not unrealistic that he would go after women connected to them. 

This is so bizarre waking every morning to pain, knowing I was beat up though lightly, only glimpsing my attacker once or twice in a 6 month period and not being able to respond. 

Rt eye. Idk if you can see the fat near the corner of my eye. Its strangely shiney underneath and there’s some odd white dots top corner. My eyes are aching badly today. And dry eye condition. Its summer, my eye doc said in summer dry eye clears. Idk what hes doing to me! The dots on my cheek….its not acne. Hes doing this, idk how.
Left eye. Again, strange shine beneath the skin layer. My hands are shaky, can’t get a good still photo so its grainy.
Bottom lips been hurting a few days. I can taste some blood. Can’t seem to be able to see where skins been cut. I can taste blood a little and I can feel with my tongue loose skin.
Looks like shadow on my shoulder but its painful and I contorted to get the diffused light on it. Under bathroom lighting it doesn’t show. Again its painful there.
Look hard at the dots on neck. It looks like a face to me, eyes and mouth. Same faces I find on windows, clothing, etc. Pics blurry it’s a little difficult to see it here.
Right side of neck. He got me good in the back of neck and head, just now I feel blood way back in my nose. 10.52 am. I can’t seem to photo back of neck. It’s very painful. Oddly enough I’m not coughing like I’ve been strangled. It’s weird.

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