day 315

I was busy making lunch and a dessert the whole morning. I was making pasta from scratch, which took a long time, and kinda millefoglie with chocolate and mint. Grandpa came to eat as well. Pasta was good, just a simple cherry tomato, mozzarella and basil sauce. The dessert was a success as well, although I wish the mint cream would be better – I only used whipping cream and mint extract instead of normal cream with mascarpone because we ran out of them.

Oh, I forgot to mention my brother came home from holidays on sunday, but he starts work on thursday. That is also the last day I will be working.

Work was extremely busy, the busiest I have ever experienced. During the peak time we made 800 euros in three hours (for scale, that much money is normally made in the whole day). Luckily it slowed down towards closing time and I could thoroughly clean the everything in time.



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