day 323

Brother worked in the morning so I made myself lunch at home. Then I took his car and went to buy some things for the bike. I am making progress with it. But because I do not know how to put the final parts apart I am just un-rusting the parts I have successfully detached.

I had to go to grandpa’s to get food for our tortoise (he has a garden and we pick get food from there) and stayed there for a while. He made us coffee and then I started solving crossword puzzles (I always do that when I visit my grandparents). The reason I stayed there for almost two hours is that I could not be bothered to make lunch for my brother when he got home from work. So I waited until he came home, texted him what is for lunch and came home when he was already cooking. I know it is kinda rude, but my brother is an awful roommate and I refuse to do any house work for him. For example, I have washed all of the dishes for two days in a row and once I saw he won’t do them I started washing only my dishes and leaving his in the sink. This exact thing happened two years ago, when parents were alone on holidays for two weeks. I only washed my dishes and his were left piling up in the sink. You can imagine how happy parents were to see a skyscraper of dishes in the sink when they returned home.  As it seems, he noticed the dishes piling today and actually washed all of them.

In the evening I finished watching the last season of Terrace House that is available on netflix. My opinions about the members did not change all that much. After the last ‘original’ member leaves, the show slowly becomes worse and worse, until reaching the rock bottom in the final few episodes. I have heard this new season is great, the show going back to its roots, but I will have to watch it before forming an opinion. Although this new season is already being released weekly in japan, the rest of the world still can’t watch it (you could with a VPN or illegally). I found a great video on youtube about this stupid netflix policy ( But I do not mind not having the new Terrace House yet because now that I have rewatched the old ones I want to rewatch Hyori’s B&B as well. These two shows were what carried me through the first year of university and I just want to watch them again.



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