March 16, 1920

This election has definitely been a challenge for me personally. The U.S. is still suffering economically from the war and jobs are sparse, even with many women and citizens leaving their jobs to offer work for the former veterans. My platform for this election, “Return to Normalcy,” definitely defines my political beliefs and plans for the U.S. I am completely opposed to Wilson’s recent administration and his handling of World War I with his idea of the League of Nations, instead with the issue of trade and immigration,I have many plans. First, I shall advocate lowering taxes and establish thorough requirements for any immigrants who wish to join our nation without having a negative impact on the people of our country at home. Back to my reasoning for being opposed to Wilson’s League of Nations, my basis for being against this organization is due to the fact that I believe it is possible to preserve peace without the compromise of national independence, without depriving the people of the United States in advance of the right to determine for themselves what is right and without involving them in situations in which they are unable to judge. I believe that I have a great chance in this race seeing as how my democratic opponent, James M. Cox, has a political platform that endorses the League of Nations, because he believes that it is the only practicable means of maintaining the the permanent peace of the world, which I, along with many others, disagree with. All will be revealed in due time, but for now I plan on campaigning my platform across the U.S. and hopefully the people will realize that I am indeed prepared for the task to return the U.S. back to normalcy.  


                                                       Warren G. Harding


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