Why You Should Keep A Pregnancy Journal

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Being pregnant is an experience that every expectant mother should cherish. Keeping a pregnancy journal is one way that you can document this amazing period of your life. Recording the important moments of your pregnancy in a journal has a lot of benefits that you might not realize like:

Important Information To Share With Your Doctor

Pregnancy is wonderful for many women but it can also be nerve wracking. Your body is changing so quickly that it might be frightening at times. Trying to figure out if changes in your moods and your body are due to the pregnancy can be difficult. When you keep a pregnancy journal of everything that you’re experiencing you are documenting important information that you can share with your doctor to make sure that your pregnancy is progressing the way that it should. Pregnancy can lead to the development of serious health problems like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Keeping track of everything that you are feeling physically and mentally while you are pregnant can provide important clues so that your doctor can catch potentially serious health problems early.

Remember The Little Things

Another reason why you should journal during pregnancy is so that later on you’ll be able to remember the little things and the development of your baby. Mommy brain is real, and after that baby comes you may not remember all the little details that you would like to be able to remember later on. Get creative with your journal. Start with a basic journal page and then use paint, markers, photos, and other elements to create a truly unique journal that is a record of your pregnancy and all the massive changes that you went through.

Fun To Share With Your Kids Later On

Creating a baby book documenting your baby’s life shouldn’t start when you bring baby home from the hospital. It should start when you and your baby start your journey together when you’re pregnant. A pregnancy journal is the first part of your child’s story and should be included in their baby book. If you want to make it easier to incorporate your journal into a baby book later on you can use create your own journal by making individual pages and binding them together so that you can remove pages later on to put into a larger baby book.

Future Pregnancies

If this is your first pregnancy keeping a pregnancy journal is a smart way to document what pregnancy is like for you so that if you have more children you will be able to gauge if your pregnancy is progressing the way it should. For example, some women never have morning sickness when they’re pregnant but others get severe morning sickness. The journal will be very helpful in determining what’s normal during pregnancy for you.

A Treasured Keepsake

Your pregnancy journal will be a treasured keepsake that you can pass on to your child when they get older and want to know all about their early years. You will also enjoy looking back at that hectic, chaotic, and wonderful time of your life and reexperiencing the joys of pregnancy through your journal.

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