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What is a gratitude journal? If this is your first time hearing about it, you might already have an idea what the journal is about. It’s a journal or diary of things that the writer is grateful for. This kind of journal is useful for people who want to remind themselves or re-focus their attention on positive things in their lives.

Feeling gratitude can do a lot for someone’s happiness, mental and physical health and even cure depressive symptoms. Many people are depressed at this very moment, and they don’t know what to do to get better. If you’re one of them, there is more reason to start writing a gratitude journal.

The benefits of a gratitude journal

So how does a journal can make you better? Writing has been proven to help with many problems. From boredom, not being able to focus or calm, to simply letting go of pent-up feelings. This journal is just that, as a way for people to focus on the positive things in their lives and getting rid of negative feelings that can pull them down.

You will learn more about yourself. You might learn that you’ve failed to notice at things that are precious to you. You might also realize that you’ve wasted your time on things that don’t benefit you at all.

Realizing all the good things that you have now will reduce your stress level by a lot. You’ll learn to respect people and be kind to everyone. In general, the journal helps people to focus on what really matters in life. Instead of keep getting distracted with negativity and trivial matters, people can focus more on what they have and grateful for.

How to write a gratitude journal

Now that you know the benefits of the journal and are interested to write your own, it’s time to start writing.

Write your journal entries as deep as possible

Be more specific when describing things that you’re grateful for. Write in detail about a certain event or person or thing and why you’re grateful for them. It’s all about quality not quantity. Writing about too many things you like isn’t an effective way to do it.

Get personal

The journal is all about you and other people in your life. Focus on why some people or things mean so much to you. Some people would argue that writing about people has more impact than writing about things. But that differs from person to person.

Treat good things as blessings

Always think good things in your life as blessings and try your best to cherish them. Write it down in your journal and you’ll remember it forever.

Do it regularly but not too much

You can write every other day or even once a week, that’s okay. You can set a schedule and commit to following it but don’t overdo it. Remember that a gratitude journal is about details and the quality of each entry and not how often you write.

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