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A reflective journal is a journal that can help the writer to reflect on their daily life. To write the journal you must write down your daily reflection. It can be something good or bad. Anything that has happened in the past.

The purpose of a reflective journal is to help the writer remember and learn about past events. It can help you to remember and learn important events in your life. Sometimes it’s important to remember what you have learned in the past. You could feel more grateful for what you have now or help you realized that you can learn about many different things from various events.

Time to write your reflective journal

A well-written journal can be an important possession. The more you practice, the better the journal will be. In the end, you’ll be the one who gets the benefits. Like with any kind of writing, you must force yourself to write. Set a daily goal and after a while you’ll get used to it. Also, for this specific journal, there is more to learn than just writing a journal.

Reflect like you mean it

Reflecting is more difficult than you might have imagined. Besides, we’re here to use reflecting to learn more about ourselves and our surroundings. There are two types of reflection that you must know, during and after an event.

Reflection during an event includes:

  • Experiencing the event.
  • Planning what to do next.
  • Make observations and think about what to do next.

Reflection after an event includes:

  • Remembering what has happened.
  • Thinking of what you could learn from past events.
  • Summarize facts and experience.

Keep writing regularly

Like we have said before, you need to write regularly to turn writing a journal into a habit. The best thing about writing a journal is that no one is judging your writing. You can write however you want.

It’s important to write as often as you can, to make sure you’re reading your journal often and actively thinking about what you wrote. This is how you develop your writing and reflecting skills. Remember the flow of writing the journal, first, you observe and participate in the event, and then you write and learn about the said event.

Review your journal and contemplate

There is no point in writing a reflective journal if you won’t read it. Spare some time to read your journal entries and see how much you’ve learned so far. Compare the previous entries to new experiences and knowledge. Think about the things that have changed and how your reactions to certain events are different from before.

To make it simpler, we’ll give you some pointers to help you write the journal. Write about what happened and who was involved. This is a short description of the event. Next, write about what is the most important or interesting or useful aspect of the event. How is the event similar or different from before. Last, write in your reflective journal about what have you learned so far and how can the experience be applied in the future.

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