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Keeping a Bible journal is a great way to keep track of your Bible study and explore the Bible in more detail. You can even make it a fun activity to do with your Bible study group or with your kids. When you keep track of your notes, thoughts, and other elements in a journal you are creating your own customized Bible study book that you can share with others or keep for future reference. There are a lot of ways that you can use a journal to study the Bible individually or as part of a group activity like:

Art Journal Your Bible Inspirations

Keeping an art journal of the inspiration that you get from the Bible is a lovely way to journal through your Bible study. A Bible journal full of drawings, photos clipped from magazines, printed art from the Internet, personal photos, paint, glue, and other craft materials lets you explore your artistic side and make some beautiful mixed media art that can tell Bible stories, incorporate prayers, or give you a place to save things like religious medals.

Write Out Your Own Prayers

Your Bible journal can also be a place for you to write out your prayers, compose your own prayers, and keep track of your daily prayers. If you want to start a daily prayer ritual you can use a journal to record each day that you prayed and what you prayed for so that you can look back over your prayer time and your prayers periodically and see patterns and habits developing. Keeping a journal will also help you get a morning or evening prayer routine going so that you can start to make daily prayer part of your usual routine.

Study Biblical Questions

If you’re involved in a Bible study group or if you want to do some in-depth Bible study on your own a journal is a great place to record all of your thoughts and questions so that you have something to refer to. Journaling your way through your questions can help you arrive at answers and learn more about the Bible and what it has to teach people. One way to keep a journal for Bible study is to divide the journal into sections and devote one section to one particular question so that you have plenty of space to write your thoughts and feelings about that question.

Create An Organized Study Plan

Another smart way to use a journal for Bible study is to use a journal with dated pages and monthly sections to organize your Bible study into small manageable sections. This is a great way to keep a group study on track and make sure that everyone is studying the same topic at the same time.

Create A Bible Inspired Book Of Quotes

If there are quotes from the Bible that you love or inspire you a Bible journal can become your own book of inspirational quotes and prayers. You can print or write the quotes on high quality journal pages and then use collage, paint, ribbon, art pens, and other materials to add color and texture to the pages.

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