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How to Keep a Dream Journal?

What going inside comes through us in our dreams. Dreams still a mystery haven’t been discovered a reason for being what they are actually. What we think is it what we see in our dreams? Or what is going to happen comes around us in our dreams? Nothing has a valid theory or proving. But saying this we cannot miss out on the fact that dreams are an incredible part of our lives. A dream journal is an amazing keeper of all your dreams and keeping a track of which, you get to discover a lot about your inner self and much more. So, the question here arises that what is a dream journal and how can one keep a dream journal for him/herself. Let’s get some light on what are the accurate answers to these questions and how can you make the most with a dream journal for yourself.

A dream journal

The term dream journal is a self-explanatory one on its own. Writing down your dreams in a journal helps you keep a record of what is going in your sub-conscious and what are your dreams representing. A dream journal also helps you get rid of all baggage that your threatful dreams give you. Sharing your dreamful thoughts by writing them down you feel free and relaxed.

Steps to keep a dream journal

Get yourself the journal it needs

Finding a suitable journal for yourself is the first thing you need to do to start writing a dream journal. There are a lot of prepared dream journals in the market, but to find that one suitable dream journal for yourself may not be that simple. Considering a few factors, you can simply get closer to finding the best dream journal for yourself.

These factors are:

  1. Length of the journal.
  2. The freshness of the pages.
  3. Themes of the journal.
  4. Jottings.
  5. Cover availability.
  6. Cover patterns, etc.

Considering the above mention points you can simply find the best-suited dream journal for yourself and get going on the further journey of keeping a track of your dreams.

Make room for your journal:

Getting a proper self for your dream journal is a great step to take if you are serious about maintaining a journal. Your journal is your personal space and to keep it in a good and clean space is something you are doing for your thoughts and inner self. So, find a good space for your dream journal. A great idea for the dream journal area that could enhance the aura of that particular area is to keep a good and classy book reading light by your side. Doing this would enhance your experience with your dream journey even in the dark.

Make the next date entry after ending the previous one:

Writing a dream journal you may get confused with dates and mess up with your dreams certainly. Writing the next date in advance would help you keep a proper record of your dreams and maintain them in order appropriately.

Following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily keep and maintain your dream journal. Maintaining which you could get the most amazing experience with your dreams. So get your dreams on pen and set your way towards keeping a dream journal soon. Happy dreaming.

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