homeless guy

The other day I was coming home in the car and I saw a homeless guy on the side of the road and it killed me. I wanted to to pull over and give him my gift card. It may have not been much but it could of got him some food. My mother screamed at me the whole way home because i wanted to give him it.  It makes me so mad how this generation will complain and get all upset just because they don’t have the newest phone or shoes. I volunteer at homeless shelters and the library when I can and  I still feel I could do more. Yes i get upset and all that with my life but it could be worse. Some people need to get smacked in the face with life. I did and I’m more thankful for the stuff I have. I thank God I’m back home and not in the streets or locked in an attic of a drug attics house. Life is beautiful and people need to start appreciating all the stuff they have and the people around them. Be lucky your not homeless on the street. The smallest things in life sometimes are the best. Life may not always be the best at moments but think at least your not dead or alone on the streets begging for food.

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