It was a good ass day.

Hey. This is my first post on GoodNight Journal.  So, I gotta make it a good one, right?

First, let me succumb to the unavoidable cliche of introducing myself. My name is Nazz. If you knew me in real life, I’d tell you my real name. But, here, you’ll call me Nazz. I’m 19, and I live in a beautiful city. One that’s frowned upon and ignored by….75% of America. But, that’s alright. ‘Cause we shinin’, regardless.

What do I do? I prance around, being amazing for a living. I’m an artist. Currently creating and also trying to shove my way back into the collegiate world of the USA.

Long story. I’ll tell it if you ask me nicely.

Uh…My favorite person is Donald Glover. My favorite color is turquoise. The woman of my dreams is in a relationship with some other dude. I love the nighttime. And milkshakes.


About my day…I had a little gathering with two great guys. We’re gonna have a web-radio show. It’s going to be fucking awesome.

I had ice cream, and an apple pie, and this weird lemon cake. ‘Twas amazing.


I hope to write more, and read some of you guys’ stuff as well.




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