(I was hammered when I wrote this)

Today I woke up and went to school, I was early for once. I got home just home after 12 because I got a ride from Ashley’s grampa. I then had to go to the doctors then my eye appointment. My Mum dropped me off at the quay @ 4:15 and I went on my way to see Tiffany. I was 2 minutes late but  Drew, Nicki, Bear and Alynn were all at the A&W. I asked this guy for a dollar fifty and he ended up giving us $30!!! We bought so much food, I was so effin full. Tiff and I went to Bears around 7:30pm, Bear had his buddy over and they were drinking. I also started to drink, Bear’s buddy accidentally broke my movie!! Lord of the Rings I was so pissed off and also soo drunk, I flipped out and started to cry, Bear said he would be able to fix it. I sure hope so, I love LOTR; I love it so much. On my way home I met some chicks from my school and one of them said she knew more about jib than me! Hahaha! I highly doubt it, I know way too much about this shit for my age. I just ignored them and listened to my music. I am now on the 228 Lynn Valley on my way home, I should be home pretty soon. Well that was pretty much my day so peace out!!   

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