Today had its ups and downs. I first went over to Julia’s who just lives half a block away from me to get my hat from her place that I left there. After that my Mum then gave me a ride down to the Quay, which from there I went over on the seabus to get to Commercial Drive (The Drive) to meet up with Tiff and Nicki. When I got there Tiff looked so cute dressed up in baggy clothes. We travelled around looking for a gram of weed and finally 2 hours later we got it from the Cashier at the Shell; Kyle’s friend. We went back to the drive and rolled a pinner and a fattie. We smoked the joint and it had been so long since I smoked weed I got pretty ripped off that pinner joint. We then went over to Bears after and smoked him up for a change; we didn’t stay for long we had plans to go meet up with another friend of Tiff’s Alynn. Oh my god, on the way there we fucked up the skytrain doors ( the older multi car trains) by holding the doors closed and after awhile the doors wouldn’t open at all when they were supposed to. We started to panic and pressed the speakerphone button to contact the skytrain people to help us. At the next station they stopped the train and tried to computerly open the train, no luck. We missed our stop and they tried to help us open the doors, but no luck. They ended up having to open the doors that leads to the other train cart in order for us to get off. When we got off at Lake City Way Alynn was waiting there with her 2 buddy’s who were both named Brandon, wtf lol. Thinking back I was pretty sure I had met one of the Brandons from a long time ago; back from when I was hanging out with Taza. Anyways the 2 Brandons, Alynn, Tiffany and I went to one of the Brandons house and we drank Kaluwa; it was fucking a blast. Brandon and I got to talking and it turns out that he happened to know my cousin; Riley. I found that harsh interesting from some reason. We had to leave so Brandon drove us halfway to the bus. Tiff and I were pissed off Alynn was supposed to come with us but she didn’t. I started to bitch at her over the phone, we then caught the bus and went our separate ways home. Oohhh I had fun tonight! I always tend to. 🙂


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