Good day!

Again today was a good day, I got home from school to a message from Tiffany to meet her at the drive @ 5pm. So I quickly got ready and fixed myself up and headed to the drive, when I got there, Tiff was already there with Drew. We got a joint and got stoned, and then we play scrapped again. I really enjoy the times that Tiff and I have we can turn a lame starting day into a kick ass end of a day. I think that Drew is a better fit for Tiffany than Kyle but that doesn’t leave these pages! Okay? But the day was good and that’s what matters the most. Oh YEAH an undercover cop told Tiff and I to stop play fighting cause we were causing a disturbance. Then Tiff got her foot stuck in the doors of the skytrain and when she pulled her foot through the doors her shoe slipped off and left behind at the station. We hurried back to the station and thank god her show was still there or I would’ve never heard the end of it. Still it was hard not to laugh at the whole ordeal it was pretty effin funny. Anyways I am tired so till next time. Peace

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