This wait

 My form has been submitted and she said she’d get back to me on Monday, but i’m so anxious I can hardly breath. I’ve set the boundaries for myself. I will have nothing remotely middle eastern, since I will be the only one of my kind in the area I wouldn’t want to make a bad impression. No loud prayer music. WAIT NO. No loud music at all. No middle eastern incense, no middle eastern rugs, nothing that says Muslim, middle eastern, or terrorist. I hope my name fooled the real estate agent. What if it didn’t? What if she never submitted my form? What if she threw it out as soon as I left because she didn’t want me to taint the neighborhood? What if she finds out my original name? What if someone puts in a bid that I can’t match? Calm down Arab just breathe. All will be ok, you WILL get the apartment, you WILL move out of your mothers house, and you WILL bed a woman. All in due time young sir. Allah hear my prayers tonight please. 

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