Shopping List

  1. Couch (maybe something leather, or a nice suede in pristine white. What do women prefer? i’ll just guess.)
  2. Coffee machine (Something nice and expensive. Maybe a Keurig with the nice K cup pods. The most expensive available so my future conquest will be able to enjoy all the luxuries of being with me.)
  3. Bed (Large and Comfortable. Something firm and soft high quality.)
  4. Sheets (Silk with a high thread count)
  5. Dishes (Nothing cheap, very elegant, very nice, pristine)
  6. Silverware
  7. Computer (To continue my writing at home, but no television I wouldn’t want any distractions from my writing.)
  8. printer
  9. Candles (lots and lots of candles of all sizes and shapes. Scented and non, elegant, beautiful, white and colored to make the women feel extra special)
  10. A nice rug for beside the fireplace 

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