New Girl

I haven’t written for quite a few days and for that I apologize to no one but myself, but I write today so I may document my new relationship. I have my first real girlfriend now her name is Khadija. She shares the name of the prophets first wife and although this Mohammed has no intention of marriage the fact that she’s my first girlfriend is still quite ironic. Driss found this fact funny when I told him. It’s Bastille day and when I dropped her off at home… she kissed me. SHE kissed ME willingly and unprovoked. While it isn’t exactly what i’m looking for its a step in the right direction. Fantastic. I’ve come home alone one more weekend, but perhaps this is the last time I will be doing so. Although his skin is black, and her features absolutely Arab. She’s young and I know mother would love her and maybe so will I. Who knows maybe she can change me.. or perhaps I her… or maybe we’re meant to change each other. 

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