First Entry.

Well, Hi. (:

My name is Naomi. I’ve always wanted to begin a journal and never knew where to start. I think it would be best if I introduced myself first.


Like I said, I’m Naomi! I’m 15 years old, and I’m in highschool. I came to California a little over a year ago, after living in Cuba for all of my life. I really like living in California because everyone lives really nicely over here and there’s lots of things to do. I loved living in Cuba too, I got to go to the beach almost everyday, and I can’t do that here where I live now. It’s also really warm in Cuba, and it’s always really nicely weather over there. I live with my mom, my sister Xochi, my brother Vonree, my brother Alex, my sisters Dorado and Justicia, my brother Tomasi, my sisters Daphne and Delphi. My mom is pregnant with twins right now, which is really exciting because she had a pair of twins last time. But shes having a boy and a girl this time, which is so cute! My dad isnt in the picture anymore. but my mom has a girlfriend and shes really nice. Her name is felicia and theyve been together for almost a year.


I play sports at school. I’ve played basketball, baseball, and soccer. Im trying out for vollyball this year and im really excited to see how that goes. Haha I feel like this is kind of awkward to talk about my life. but it is a first entry(:

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