Illusion vs Reality

Many of us-and when I say many it is me included-go to school in the pretext of they will succeed in their exams, land the jobs of their dreams and live happily ever after. If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride! This is the most severe state of denial that has infiltrated our consciences to the extent that we never even realize it.
Don’t get me wrong though, am not saying that education is bad. All am pointing at is the purpose of it. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “Intelligence plus character, that is the true purpose of education.” 95% of the population is very well educated, a couple of degrees perhaps per individual yet this percentage only controls 5% of the economy. How? You may ask. This is the pretext I mentioned earlier.
There is a very vast margin between work and job. Work is principle, everyone is entitled to it. The difference comes in when the remaining 5% of the population “pushes” their workload to the other 95% in form of employment. So when you are employed what you probably don’t realize is that you are doing somebody else’s work.
Two form-four students clear exams. Student X gets a straight A while the student Y manages a C minus. At this point one may comfortably say that student X more successful than student Y. Student X manages to get into Medical school, something that matches his grade but not necessarily what he initially wanted to do. Student Y starts a small business while doing a diploma course in some college. Seven years down the line, student X has graduated from med school and is now ready to be absorbed into the job market. He becomes a doctor being paid what student Y was getting as profits by the end of his second year after high school. Student Y by now is earning triple student X’s salary. Mark you, he has been earning for seven years and the business may be growing exponentially by now. Student X ends up being frustrated not because he is earning less but more so because he spent 7 years doing what dimmed right in the eyes of others and not he himself.
Mark my words; I have not said education is bad. Indulge in it with a broad mind. Let it be a tool to achieving your desires in life rather than slavery.

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