I have a cool story guys.


You know what’s absolutely hilarious? 

When guys think they’re the bombass shit because they’ve hung out with me at lunch.

“Oh, yeah, breh, me & Naomi walked around and lunch, and shit, and you know..”

and then they fabricate some outrageous lie about how we really “connected” and how we later spent the entire night on the phone.



What really happens, is they follow me into the library when I’m trying to study. And then they sit down next to me. And then they proceed to watch me do homework. And watch as I completely ignore them. I’ll talk to them if they have something interesting to say, but they usually don’t, to be honest.

And then they “walk me to class.”

Basically they follow me to 5th period.

And then I say “bye” and they leave.

True stuff.

So I guess what I’m saying is,

I’m not all I’m hyped up to be, if that makes sense.


So no use treating me like a goddamn trophy/ arm candy to up your reputation.

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