When I ask people if they want something,

and they say “Sure…….”

Not “sure!” but “Sure…………”

I get pissed off beyond words.

Especially if they raise their eyebrows or look bored as fuck or ask it as a question.


“Uh…. sure?…”

Because then I’m just like,

DON’T BE UNGRATEFUL, BITCH. If I’m going to offer you something, you either accept it gracefully with a “yes please”, or you say “no, thank you” to decline.

What the hell do you mean by “UHHH.SURE…?”

You aren’t doing me any favors by taking whatever it is. I’m being generous. I don’t have to give anything to you, but I am. The least you could do is act as if I’m worth the time and energy to thank.


and if your eyeballs are going to move side to side when you say

“SURE…..?” like the retard you are,

I’m going to slap you.

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