Sorry I’ve been gone. Lots of stuff has happened since November.  Hayle and I haven’t been friends for awhile. I’m finally 17! Hollywood Undead has a new album, American Tragedy. My favorites are Comin’ in hot, I dont wanna die, hear me now, coming back down, bullet, levitate, and pour me. Brandon and I are still together. Its been awhile, I know, but I love him mans he knows it. I tell him everyday I talk to him. I can’t believe it’s been one full year since I’ve known him.  I’ll be 18 next year and if I want to,  I can be with him. I love him so much.  I dont know what I’d be doing if I didn’t have him. Then to think, if we weren’t together we probably would have had sex already. The thought of it doesn’t really bother me. Diana was really shocked when I told her Brandon and I’ve never had phone sex. That very night I asked Brandon about it, he said he’s not really into it and that he would rather wait for the real thing ( now that he hasn’t had sex before, because he has.). I told Diana that and she said that he’s crazy (she only thinks that though because her and Keith have phone sex atleast 3 times a week. They do A LOT of sexting too. I’ve even read some of their sexual texts, without them know of course, and it gets worse because they roleplay.). Brandon’s birthday is next Tuesday the 7th, he’ll be 18. I really do love him and I wish I could be with him right now.  Brandon says he’ll all me to marry him when he can buy a ring, he told Charlotte that.  I told her that I dont care of he has a ring or not, if he asks me and ment it I’d say yes. (Besides its not like he can put the ring on me anyways) Something he doesn’t know that I do would be when I’m listening to music, like the song Kelsey, wish we were older or California by metro station and I put the word ‘him’ implying Brandon one of the ways I think about him. One time I was really mad at Hannah and Joey after I was done babysitting them, that I made a mental note to myself that I didn’t want children. That day when I talked to Brandon, he told me he doesn’t want kids either.  I checked out the Metro Station cd and put it on my mp3 player.  After listening to all of my favorites, I couldn’t help but put California on repeat (The song is about two lovers who basically run away together to California to be with each other and not have to worry about anyone else.). That next week (after I took the song off repeat) Brandon had the idea of me and him leaving home and going to California. Thinking about both of these times makes me feel like him and I can talk with our heads.

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