Ittefaaq – 1

The long and sudden chain of co-incidents made me write this note. I planned to write this in July’11, now writing in March’12. Hope you will like it.

It starts with me, having dinner in admin canteen, with my friend Dhakkan, after our graphics lab assignment 1. (meri treat thi 2nd year intern ki :)). I received a call, from my friend Niketh, asking me to get aside. He told me that he got an intern in Germany. He was anxious about the stipend, though it was 600 Euros Per Month+Flight => ENOUGH, yet confirmed from me. Later my other friend Sahil also got intern and now he would have to work with an Indian Phd student Krishna (which really proved an incarnation of Lord Krishna for Sahil 😛 ) in Germany. Within few days, Sahil got Niketh another intern with him. All was well, till Niketh got an Amazing intern at Amazon with “unexpected” people 😛 (Referring to Nikita, lest it fade away from our memory)

Yes, Sahil was so happy for Niketh (which he actually told me later in Bang-a-Lore). Sahil too got a great intern at Schlumberger. At the same time, I was too preparing for visa for my Portugal intern. Happiness and excitement all around 🙂 🙂 🙁 Here ends the good part of these co-incidents.

Problem starts when Sahil fooled Krishna. Neither Sahil nor Niketh were now going for their foreign intern under Krishna. Krishna was stunned, saying “Sab Q-tiyapa hai”, furious Krishna gave a curse to Sahil !!! Niketh was good with his Amazon intern but now he had to cancel his non refundable flight. FUCK YOU FINNAIR. 35K LOST!!! On my side also, embassy were doing bamboo in my ass. Getting visa intime was looking like getting a hot girl in IIT. Among us 3, only sahil was happy (till now :P)

Meanwhile my sister’s marriage got fixed. I was consulted for date 🙂 5 may was fixed finally, leaving me even lesser time to go to delhi and fight with embassy people for my visa. As the time was passing by, my intern was going away from me. Exams got over. I was home 🙂 I was happy (obviously). I forgot my intern, cancellation of which was inevitable by the time. I enjoyed the marriage. But oh God, after not sleeping for 2 days, I had to go to Delhi by chair car. My head was bursting and I Love the night I fell on the bed in my uncle’s home at Dhaulakuan. The next day I cancelled my ticket. FUCK YOU AGAIN FINNAIR. 35K LOST!!!
Now i was preparing for some jugaad intern at Delhi or Bangalore.

And here I received a call, which changed my life forever…….and I mean it…….




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