Fifth day of working on this site.

It’s been 5th day for working on this site. Still have long way to go. I wish I know more about PHP and WP cause that’s what slows me down to get this site done. Spent pretty much all day working on Public Journal page n still haven’t found a way to make it work. Also have to work on calendar and Back up system.

3 thoughts on “Fifth day of working on this site.”

  1. Well, looks like you were slowed down, but ended up making a very, very good website.

    I’ve been here for almost a year now and I’m very glad I picked this one among the other public journal websites. I was greeted by a friendly community and met amazing people. Only recommendation I have is add a reply option to comments 😉

    I hope you never stop this website. I love it to bits.

  2. Thanks for creating this awesome website! One of the best journaling sites out there!

    I’m agreeing with Observant Bystander, I’ve met many great people here including Obs. Keep up the awesome work!

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