Sleepy… all day!

Lately, I have a problem with sleeping. couldn’t go to sleep till like 7 in the morning or something for whole week. For a week, I fell a sleep around that time and wake up around 1pm but today I had to wake up by 10am to go to church. I finally fell a sleep about 8 in the morning woke up around 10:50am by text message from olga lol. couldn’t even take a shower just got my clothes on and went to church and stayed there till 4pm. for the entire time, I was like half unconscious but I wanted to stay since it’s my last time to go that church and meet those people. got back home around 4:30 took a shower and i’m ready to go to sleep now 🙂 it’s 5:40pm here. N some reason I been up till now at 12:46am n can’t go to sleep again lol omg this is a torture

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