Arkansas – New Mexico


We woke in Fort Smith at the America’s best value inn. It was refreshing morning. We grabbed breakfast and on the way I noticed that the car had not been broken into 🙂 and my wallet was fine. We went into the lobby to escort ourselves to the restaurant to redeem our free breakfast coupons. I was thinking we would get free breakfast that was in buffet style that had been sitting out for days but we were actually surprised. Our server, who looked like she was just let out of the pen, was actually a really hard worker and ran that kitchen like it was her bitch. She cooked us free breakfast and it was delicious! I left her 3 bucks I mean she was doing work up in there !! Even though I was on guard the entire time we were there and random guys asked for cigarettes in exchange for smoking pot, i did actually like this little place.

We headed out around 930 after breakfast and tons of coffee and it was my turn to drive. We shortly crossed into Oklahoma within 10 minutes on the road. I took us across OK, TX and NM.

We stopped in the OK city for lunch with my Uncle Dennis, it was pretty random but pretty awesome. We stopped at Toby Keith I love this bar and grill. It was a lot like hard rock cafe, pretty good food but extremely overpriced for what we are ordering. It was a refreshing lunch that we would not have normally stopped for and a free lunch! It was fantastic and it was catching up with Dennis I haven’t seen him since I was likeeeee 18? something like that..

So there was quite a bit to catch up on…

Next we drove about 3 hours to Amarillo, TX and Alyssa had heard about this attraction thing called the Cadillac Ranch or graveyard. I like graveyard.. Anyhow some hippy dude took 10 Cadillacs and buried them nose first and it is about eehhhh 300 yds from the highway 40 W. You can see it from the highway if you are looking for it and you pull off a random road and pull off and there is a cattle looking door you have to dance around, it is all muddy and there is barbed wired fence surrounding the cattle/door/thing. It was snowy and freezing and as the snow melt —> water was produced —> more mud. It was nice to be able to leave our mark because it was free game to spray paint the cars!


Next we hit New Mexico!

Holy God, what a beauty.

We stayed at the motel 8 in Santa Rosa def. nothing special and shitty breakfast but I did get to practicing signing there was a deaf guy in the lobby of the hotel where the crappy breakfast was and was trying to tell the attendant that the milk was warm so that was exciting.

I bought a sweet New Mexican hair barrette


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