today was the day we arrived in L.A.! What beautiful weather and landscape! It is so big! Wow! fjkdjfks! Everything seems so perfect!

First stop: gas station.


Second stop: Apartment hunting. Where are they going to live?

So Alyssa and B.J. have decided to blindly move to L.A. (which I am all for) however they have no job or place to live. B.J. is supposed to be transferred to a panera bread in L.A. from louisville but hasn;t heard for certain yet. They are both BFA majors with concentration on theater from WKU and dream to make it big! I believe that they can. I am all for them.

Reality came and hit them in the face today when we made our second stop to look at apartments and found the dream place they wanted! Now the landlord started asking for last years tax documents, a co signer since neither of them currently had jobs, bank statements, etc. I had completely forgot about what happens after filling out an application for an apartment! You have to provide proof of employment, credit check, etc. I overlooked that in my head because it has always been so easy to do in Louisville. I was kicking myself in the ass when the tension rose and B.J. neraly passed out from anxiety. I wish I could have eliminated any stress by doing some research myself and pointing out some of these documents they may or may not need to have before they left for L.A.

So we called Alyssa’s dad who (THANK GOD) agreed to be a co signer. My family would never, I would have to prove a job and that I could pay it FOR SURE! my family could never afford it so I am glad that her’s can and can support her.

Next we moved to a starbucks to do more research and realized we need a hotel for the weekend and one that was pet friendly since B.J. brought his cat with him on the trip and we couldn’t just sneak the cat in like we have been doing.

SO that is when I contacted Andrea. Andrea’s head moves about 1000 miles per minute and she is constantly on the go and planning everything (note her nickname, plandrea) well she broke her ankle and is bed ridden and I know she is just DYING to make plans. I inform her of our budget, our plans, what neighborhood I want to be in and BOOM she finds me a hotel that is fucking perfect.

We walk into the hotel and it is nice. I am not even worried about bed bugs! hot dog! and sleep number beds! and right next to the airport!

As soon as we were settled in the hotel, I went on the local craigslist and started hunting for jobs close to the apartment in Sherman Oaks because traffic here is stupid. I found a personal assistant job that sounded perfect for Alyssa and she applied and waiting to hear back.

I can imagine how overwhelmed she must feel in a big city knowing one person doesn’t have a place to stay, doesn’t have a job and doesn’t know her way around. It makes me feel better about Korea because I do have a job, a place to stay, and 2 friends there already that I will work with that will show me around town. This is a learning experience for me as well as Alyssa and BJ

I hope the best

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