New Mexico – California

We stayed in Santa Rosa on Wednesday night in New Mexico. We stayed at the motel 8 because it was cheap and they had free shitty breakfast! yay!

When it was time for breakfast I was able to help out a deaf guy who was trying to complain about the milk being too warm to the attendant. I have lost a lot of sign language over the…damn it has been a year…. I would love to learn more of that. (note to self)

I did get his contact info so that way if i want to practice he said he would sign with me.

I also bought a hand made barrette at the motel, it was funky and cute with my new hair so I said fuck the finances I am getting this! 😛

..sounds about right

New Mexico was one of my favorite states to drive through because of how scenic it was. You really couldn’t go wrong with where you looked because every direction you turned was another interesting landscape that is completely different than Kentucky. Sand like mountains, rock like mountains, basins, plains, snow covered mountains in the distance. There was never a dull moment with the scenery in New Mexico, I just kept my camera out the entire time because, well because I just did. I can’t blame myself.

Flagstaff ,Arizona was the next city after Albuquerque. I LOVED flagstaff. WOW! It was so beautiful. It had everything New Mexico didn’t have, TREES! Big, beautiful, green trees! It seemed like a funky town we didn’t stop for very long in Flagstaff but I got all good vibes from Flagstaff. I loved the feeling and the looks of that city, I would not mind living there.

The next stop was the Grand canyon. One hour north of Flagstaff! Oh, the excitement! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Grand Canyon and finally this is my chance! Hallelujah! We drive an hour north trying to beat the sun from setting because we were in flagstaff at 4PM and it was an 1.5 north! Alyssa was driving too slow for my liking so I grabbed a coffee and took over. We made it to the entrance of the Grand Canyon at 5PM and I had no idea that it cost money to go to the Grand Canyon. My expectation was you drive and drive and drive and then walah! (how do you spell that word?!) there is the grand canyon to your left! No maam that is not how that works. It costs money to get in there. DUH! I didn’t even think it. It was $25.00 per vehicle. FUCK! we had 2 jam packed vehicles. Neither Alyssa or BJ were really feelin it, at least thats how i interpreted it. I couldn’t have it. I want it. We are all illegally squeezing in and dropping BJ’s car off and I will pay 25$ for the 3 of us to see this NATIONAL AWESOMENESS. so thats what happened, I am not driving an hour out of the way and for the MAJORITY of the reason why I came to NOT see this. I’m sorry…IM NOT SORRY..

I was in such a frantic rush to get there ASAP! We squeezed in the car and got through the front gate around 5:30. OMG EVERYONE MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY.

wellll this woman got pretty mad. apparently I was tailgating (which I NEVER DO ) and we hit a stop sign and she gets out of her car and I am ready to reverse and go around her wtf is this bitch doing, getting out of her car ?! She comes up to our car and starts bitching me out about my driving blah blah. I can’t even hear her anymore because it is so unimportant and I can’t focus on anything but the prize.

My grandpa gave me wasp and hornet spray as mase and I WISH i would have just blinded her and went on. but i am, unfortunately, i am not that cool. I thought about it and I just need to let it be known that I thought about. But I laughed it off which made her pretty mad and went the other direction. AINT NO BODY GOT TIME FOR YOUR SHIT LADY.

and the grand canyon was AMAZING! pictures do no justice. I want to explore every inch of that place. It was by far, the coolest thing I have ever seen, like ever. GO SEE THAT MAGICAL WORK OF ART!

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