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We arrived in Needles, California Thursday night in our favorite hotel, America’s Best and Value Inn and Suites 🙂 and Friday morning got started driving with only eeehhh… 4 hours left until our final destination. We looked at 2 apartments and the remaining hours of Friday and pretty much all of Saturday were spent scrambling around for documents needed for the application of the apartment and this and that. So Andrea grabbed us a Radisson for a great price and we stayed there for the weekend. (they have shitty internet connection btw) Anyhow, once they had done EVERYTHING they could for apartment and job hunting for friday and saturday, sunday was awesome! Sunday we went to Santa Monica and I got to hula hoop on the beach! The water was freezing but who cares I got to hoop on the beach. We went to the pier to check out street performers and what all was going on up there and when we reached the end of the pier, there was a man playing music and of course I pulled out my hoop and start dancing and feeling it and KILLING IT! People were starting to form around me, clap and video tape me. AHHH I have arrived… That was like my favorite part.((It was mostly oriental people, which means everyone in Korea is going to love me.)) Any time I can be the center of attention and make people’s jaw drop, my job is done. I don’t need money, i mean it’s nice and i wouldn’t be mad if someone threw me a couple bucks but I love that people love what I love. mmmmm, almost nothing beats it. orgasms and compliments come close.

After I hooped a woman came up to me and we exchanged contact info she was saying she belly dances and she says she saw a lot of similarity in the type of dance she does with the type of dance that i do. We talked a lot on traveling and our lives and dancing. She said she works with a lot of celebrities and she said she would link my youtube videos on her faebook. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME MAMA 🙂

Next was Hollywood blvd for lunch and shopping. Hollywood blvd was filled with shops, homeless people and street performers. We had a good lunch, saw some weirdos, and some cool things. I enjoyed it.

West Hollywood was were all the hotties were but they are all gay. BJ was loving it. I was loving looking at them but they were all gay 🙁 I passed a lot of interesting shops in WeHo,mostly sexual ones but those were the fun ones hahaha

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