Family and way too much country music ***

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday today.

Lets recap:

Monday I left LA at 3pm from the LAX and flew into Dallas at 1030PM. We drove an hour to Weatherford and stayed at a hotel for the night. We woke up early the next morning and we were on the road by 8am to Midland. Dad was supposed to have a meeting with someone and didn’t make it. So we met Ashley, Brittney and her baby girl Abby, and Uncle Dennis came up a little bit later to Logan’s Roadhouse. Found out that Ashley was going to school to be a nurse and I think she graduated actually but didnt pass her boards. Britt is in school for cosmetology and something else too but I don’t think she is very committed for some reason. Abby is freaking adorable but doesn’t really know me so as a result, doesn’t want to be around me. That’s okay, that is 2 year old logic for you. Lunch was pleasant. Dennis covered the bill then we split up.

Me, Dad and Ashley went to Uncle Doug’s house. OMG. It was awful. After PawPaw died, Doug took over the trailer lot and now rents it out to a bunch of other little trailers. It is one of the trashiest places I have ever been too, literally. The best part of it is that the big, main trailer, that was PawPaw’s got burnt down because some crazy couple got into a fight and I think the guy burned down their trailer which in turn caught the back of PawPaw’s trailer on fire. So now as a result, Doug and Denise and THEIR KIDS had to move into another trailer that was even smaller and trashier than the last one. It was freaking tiny. They had a small dog and the entire tiny trailer reeked of dog piss. I didn’t want to be in there for very long. It stank, there was shit everywhere and Denise wouldn’t stop smacking the kids around and smoking cigarettes and talking about shit I couldn’t even focus on because my attention was so consumed with my surroundings. I had to get out of there ASAP I was looking for an address so I could call CPS, I mean it really hurt my soul leaving those kids and thinking about how unfair it is that they have to be raised like that and in those conditions. Words and describing it does no justice. I have no find an address.

We left shortly after being there because I almost broke down in tears while we were there. We headed out and went to Walmart because Ashley is making dinner for her boyfriend, Tyler. We tagged along because we had no other plan. We did need to find a hotel though. Dad has 2 cellphones and a tablet that he carries around everywhere with him and he searches on the tablet for hotels. We can’t find anything for under 100$ so Ashley suggest we stay at her placde but she lives with an older woman who seems weird about the situation. Ashley, trying to help us calls her brand new boyfriend, Tyler, and he is delighted to have us stay on his couches. Awesome. We got back to Tyler’s with no one there (at tylers, it is him and his room mate) and Ashley made these amazing enchiladas and spanish rice that was out of this world, Kick ass and while she was doing that Dad and I watched this really inspiring documentary called Fat, Sick and Almost Dead I believe it was called.

Finally Tyler, the man of the hour, comes in around 10ish and he is such a gentleman and the sweetest, cutest thing ever. I am happy for Ashley. I am happy that she has broken the chain and went to school and has become a nurse (almost) even if she hasn’t passed her boards she has already received the OK to retake the boards again. She has passion, drive and lots of southern hospitality. I am happy that she found a guy like Tyler, he is perfect for her. I was surprised he let us stay and hang out at his house when he wasn’t home and let us stay the night at his house since him and Ashley have only been exclusive for maybe a month or something.

I wake up this morning around 830ish. Shit. I had an alarm for 7am on my phone and I didn’t even hear it. Where is my dad? He is not on the other couch. His car is here. Bathroom. He is in the bathroom, of course. He is always in the bathroom. I tell him we overslept, like he didn’t know, and he starts talking from the bathroom and I just walk away I don’t care anymore. I want to leave. We are still at Tyler’s house and him and his room mate are gone but who knows when they will return. I change, he talk to my Uncle Dennis about meeting up for some “meeting” and I’m ready to go. He tells me “Well I still need to take a shower.” A shower? I thought. WTF?! This guy has let us sleep at his house and he may or may not be thinking that we are leaving first thing in the morning. I can’t remember what we had told him. My dad stars to prepare for his shower and boom, someone walks through the door. I don’t know if it is Tyler or his roommate, I just start packing the car. I am so embarrassed that we are at Ashley’s boyfriend’s house still who is like 25 and here it is at 940 AM my dad is taking a shower now at his house, oh and he plugged in pandora radio and country is blaring from the kitchen while he is in the bathroom. I feel like we are over staying our welcome here since we just met him last night. That is why I packed my shit into the car and I am sitting in the passenger side of the car writing this. HA!

Okay so there were some things I missed, like the drive from Weatherford to Midland was 4 hours. My dad and I had a lot to chat about. The things that come out of my dad’s mouth repeatedly are this:

1) Tina hates when I do….

2) This one time…

3) When I was your age…


5) When I held you for the first time..

6) Well I told your mother…

I just sat quietly with my headphones in most of the time, I got that tactic from my brother, but that is only because he would answer a million phone calls and play country music from his tablet, which I can’t stand! But he would do most of the talking anyway and most of it was pretty negative about his family, my family, and Tina. He didn’t have too much negative stuff to say about my family. He said that he doesn’t hate my papa, he says he respects him but he thinks that he is too involved with my mom’s life and doesn’t let her make her own decision, which I have no opinion on. I am not here to fight and defend. He can think what he would like and that will be that. I am not trying to change perspectives or perceptions, I am not that powerful. Nor do I really care… Regardless he gave me a good pep talk and I can respect what he had to say, wasn’t anything I have not heard before. I am not trying to discount what my Dad was saying because I am not. I appreciate him trying to have a relationship with me but not knowing how to do it with a 23 year old girl.

God there are a lot of trucks and Mexicans here too. I am just saying (not with a biased or racist attitude, I am just simply stating facts)

God Bless Texas

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