Today I was woken up by Tina hollering at David because he was in the bathroom and Nicholas was in bed and she needed a ride to the eye doctor. I rolled out of bed threw on a sweatshirt and my tennis shoes and told her I would take her.
Long story short: We go to the eye doctor and they request she go to a physician to get her blood pressure checked out. We go to the hospital and they find that she is testing for TB, a mass on her lungs, and she has massive headaches and she is loosing her vision. Her mother had TB when she was a kid but recovered through the process but as a result, Tina will always test positive for TB for whatever reason.
So the doctor admitted her to the ER and we were there for most of the day today and she is staying over night.

It was nice to spend time with Jack and Dylan tonight. They are adorable and I love them to pieces.

more to come tomorrow…

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