Just found the site

Well i just found this site while searching for something else, i try and keep a written
diary fairly regular, but have finished my notebook and need another one. Although this could be a good fix for me.

I’ve approached the computer several times today to get started on a script i want to write. I made some notes the night before but can’t seem to crack into it.
Quite annoyed as i need to set some new goals on writing times and
a minimum of what i should be doing.
I did have a good writing session last week, i forced myself to write my script for
a new short called “the book”.
I wrote the entire draft in one sitting and have only made a couple of changes
after, success!
I want to produce this pretty soon,
but need the right actors for it.
I am casting on the 23rd so hopefully i get some good ones!


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  1. Yeh I never had a diary i’m also trying this myself.

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