Container Garden,

As you can tell I love flowers and gardening. It wasn’t always that way and growing up my mom and grandmother always had veggie and flower gardens. I was a regular tomboy and loved to climb trees ride my bike and hang out with friends trading baseball cards. If i knew what i know now of the beauty and wonderful experiences with gardening I sure would have started sooner. I only have been gardening for 7 years and have fallen head over heels in love with it. When I met and married my Awesome husband(Scott) that is when I started gardening. It has been a while now and some up’s and down’s along the way and things learned and mistakes made in my garden. But you only learn though your mistakes though life and in my case gardening. Now gardening is my number 1 passion and I could never see my porch or myself without flowers and gardening:) Here are a few pictures of my Container flowers:)

The container you see in the picture
are Hostas

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