Flowers, one of gods great creations and wonderful additions to life. There are so many beautiful colors and shapes, that it is astounding of the beauty of them all. I for one would think what the world would be like without flowers.

Let me begin by saying that flowers has for century’s graced the tables of many a diplomat and even our own homes. As the old saying goes ( you need to stop and smell the roses) is truly a genuine saying. For they do smell lovely. Have we realized how a little seed becomes a beautiful work of art. To look at and adorn and enjoy for our own pleasure. I for one have never really appreciated the colors smells and pleasures of flowers until I started gardening 7 years ago.

I can tell you that I have missed plenty of chances to enjoy these wonderful gifts from god of beautiful and additions to life, which i regret. Just think of all the nature that flowers add to. Bees making there honey,hummingbirds getting there nectar, butterfly’s enjoying there landing strips. Its a amazing experience to see a hummingbird up close in flight sucking its nectar. and a bee pollinating on a flower. A butterfly landing on a flower and fluttering its wings.( ASTOUNDING)

We could all benefit from stopping
and smelling the roses:)

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  1. What a great reminder! I really loved flowers when I was younger, probably because my grandmother (who raised me) loves gardening. Interesting how I mostly forget about it now.

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