Inside the mind of a troubled 17 year old.

Well here we are, 6 months away from being in my ‘prime’, or so people call it. The truth is when being a little 17 year old the world doesnt take you too seriously. However with the stresses of our own little lives coming into play things get tough. When your expected to be an adult with a job and full time education yet get treated like a child life gets a little confusing. Lets just say im one of those girls who overthinks about things. I feel the need to break away from myself at times, just leave the world for a short time, get away from the screaming of my younger siblings arguing, to get away from the stresses of assignments, to leave my job just for a little while. But most importantly, to leave myself.

One thought on “Inside the mind of a troubled 17 year old.”

  1. Try not to leave yourself. You are one of a kind. You probably need a break from life. Don’t worry it will get better. Focus and be determined and you will be fine. Life is like a box of chocolates:-)

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