My refrigerator got broke :(

I just finished everything I planned to do today and its not midnight yet which means I can go to sleep early. Today, I got stressed out little bit about the process I’m going through. It’s so complicated and involves so many docs and people. I’m getting kind of irritated for following up all that. However, they are no shortcuts, I just have to do it. My refrigerator has been broken 2 days so today when I got home, I ate pretty much everything I had in my fridge. Now I’m having really hard time to digest all that lol I will probably walk around my small living room for a while before I go to sleep. Good night everyone n don’t forget to write a journal 🙂

4 thoughts on “My refrigerator got broke :(”

  1. Oh I am sorry your frig broke and hope you can get it fixed or get one soon. What do you do for work other then this site? You need to get more sleep. Take care of yourself while your young:)

  2. Hey, I’m a full time graphic designer sitting at the computer all the time at work and home for working on my own sites. hoping to make a website like a Facebook one day in my life 🙂

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