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Sometimes I wonder… I wonder if I’m good
enough. I wonder how far I’m going to go. I
wonder how many people truly care. Maybe I
wonder too much. Maybe I don’t wonder
enough. They say curiosity killed the cat. Well,
am I curiosity or am I the cat? In most
cases, I’d say I’m curiosity. Mostly because
people get curious. They want to know more and
more about me. Soon they’ll realize my whole
life is a facade. I mean, of course I want to
get better. The only fake part is me caring.
Maybe because I don’t. If I don’t care about
myself, how do people expect me to care for
others? I do have a love for my family, of
course. But they’re only an exception. Just as
love is only an emotion. Far from an ordinary
way of life. The reason I say this is because
love is not real, I feel. If it was real, it
would be a way of life. But it’s not. Therefore,
human beings only choose (yes, I said choose
because people choose to “love”) to gall in
love because it gives them hope. Because if
love is real, life must not be as shitty as it
seems. NEWSFLASH PEOPLE! Life is shit and
love is nonexistent If you choose to believe
in anything, it most definitely shouldn’t be
love. Ever heard the saying “Love is just a
four letter word.”? Well believe it or not that’s
absolutely true. A tad far-fetched, but real.

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