it was boring Saturday. kind of expected to do something fun but just ended up at home working on my website all day. Don’t really have anything to write. hopefully, I woke up on time tmw for church that I couldn’t make last week. still have many thoughts in my head, try to forget all about it by making myself busy…. everything will be fine.

My experience in Cali, made me realize that life is NOT always go as I expected or planned. Although I am fully aware of that, I still think I need plans and a full of expectation for the future and most importantly actually do it whatever I have in my mind.

2 thoughts on “11:40PM”

  1. What church do you go to? Sometime life has its ways of making things happen that we can’t see coming:) I guess its called the future. I have always told myself breath count to ten and take one day at a time. Have a good Sunday:)

  2. Thanks. I go to Presbyterian church cause all my family go there:) wish u had a great Sunday too!
    One quick question for u. I bought a plant today, how many time I should water it?

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