Hey I bought a plant today!

Church in the morning. Went to the closest Presbyterian church from my place cause all my family go to Presbyterian church. Took about 20 mins to walk there. It was little bit cold but the weather was nice enough to walk. The church was actually really good. Decent size, kind paster, n no one bother me to be a member. I guess I will go there every Sunday now on. Met up with a friend later n shopping. I bought an awesome plant at Ikea n a futon at walmart. Very satisfied for both of them. Dinner at china town for johns bday n short meeting about jioh7. It’s coming soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hey I bought a plant today!”

  1. That is so great you bought a plant and its very nice plant. Make sure you take care of it and water it. But not to much water and what kind is it?

  2. I have no knowledge about plants at all lol. have no idea what kind it is. Just bought cause it looks good 🙂 water it once two days ago n still don’t know how many times I should water it:(

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